Get to Know the Students at Indiana State University

We want more than names! Tell us about yourselves! Majors? Hometowns? Fun facts?

I’m Nicole Hoover and I’m a double major in recreation therapy and Spanish. My end goal though is pediatric occupational therapy to work with kids with special needs. I’m from Avon, Indiana and a fun fact is I just spent a semester studying in Costa Rica and exploring Central America!

Completing an application to start a new Camp Kesem Chapter takes a TON of work. Why is this important to you?

I can already imagine how much a CK would impact myself, my ISU campus and our community. For me, putting in the effort to go through the application process has already been an incredible experience and I’m thankful for this opportunity and hope I get to continue working with CK!

Where is your school located?

Terre Haute, IN

So what's the best thing about going to your school?

The BEST part about going to State is that it brings out the best in myself! ISU has challenged me and taught me so much.

By the way, how many undergrads go to your school? (And what's the one word you would use to describe the Culture/Spirit of your school?)

ISU has 13,771 students, word I’d use to describe ISU is: community

The word "Kesem" means a lot to the thousands of campers, parents and student leaders who have come to know our mission. What does it mean to you?

Kesem means giving children a week without worries or pain, parents’ peace-of-mind that their children are in a safe environment with kids just like themselves and a chance for me and my ISU community to make a difference in some lives while our lives are forever changed too. Kesem means friendships, support and memories for campers and student leaders to share long after camp is over. Kesem truly means magic.

There's a lot of great students (including you!) who are hoping to start a new Camp Kesem chapter. We wish we could accept each and every one of you! So here's your chance to tell the public why you should start a new chapter!:

ISU is an incredible campus that has truly become my home away from home. It is full of students who love their community and has ranked top three in community service in the nation every year since I’ve been here. I have no doubt my fellow sycamores are ready to change some lives and I hope you help us by voting for ISU to open a CK chapter! Thank you!