Get to Know the Students at Dixie State University

We want more than names! Tell us about yourselves! Majors? Hometowns? Fun facts?

I was born and raised here in St. George, Utah. I hope to major in Social Work and get into the PA program starting here at Dixie next summer. I love anything outdoors and spending time with my labradoodle puppy.

Where is your school located?

St. George, UT

Completing an application to start a new Camp Kesem Chapter takes a TON of work. Why is this important to you?

There are lots of reasons why starting Camp Kesem is important to me. I first heard about this great cause when my mother, Jilynne Hafen, joined the advisory board for the chapter at SUU. She told me stories of her experiences at camp and it made me grow to love it. I want to start a chapter here not only so I can share in these experiences, but so all the children in this area can as well. With the Intermountain Health Cancer Center opening its new facility soon, we would receive not only a lot of support, but also many in-need children. Dixie is the perfect location for a new chapter and we, as students here, want to be a part of it.

So what's the best thing about going to your school?

While big universities can be fun, smaller ones are much more personal. I love Dixie because of the personal interactions you can get. Classes aren't too big so you have the opportunity to get to know you professors, talk one-on-one with them, and grow friendships with the other students in the class.

By the way, how many undergrads go to your school? (And what's the one word you would use to describe the Culture/Spirit of your school?)

There are over 8.000 undergrad students attending Dixie State and the spirit we have is energetic and loving!

The word "Kesem" means a lot to the thousands of campers, parents and student leaders who have come to know our mission. What does it mean to you?

"Kesem, in my perspective, is a new start and a safe haven. It is a place where children can start again, be who they choose to be, and receive the support and love they are longing for. Kesem lasts longer than just a week for these kids, it is something they can continually look forward to- maybe even more than Christmas! Kesem is a wonderful cause that every child influenced by a parent's cancer should have the opportunity to experience."

There's a lot of great students (including you!) who are hoping to start a new Camp Kesem chapter. We wish we could accept each and every one of you! So here's your chance to tell the public why you should start a new chapter!:

"In a two week span we were able to find over 250 students, 100 businesses, and at least 50 Intermountain Health professionals and Dixie State University employees that were excited to participate and donate to the cause. If we could find that many in two weeks, imagine what we could do in the years to come! Along with this, it seems beneficial to start a chapter here as the Intermountain Cancer Center in St. George treats most of the patients in southwest Utah and is expected to open its destination cancer center in 2018."