Get to Know the Students at Louisiana State University

We want more than names! Tell us about yourselves! Majors? Hometowns? Fun facts?

Joe DeCorte is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and is majoring in mathematics. He has been a juggler for 13 years, and he taught juggling for performing arts students in high school. Will Boles is a microbiology major hailing from Monroe, LA, who has climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. Julia St. Pierre is from Mandeville, LA. She is majoring in mathematics, and her fun fact is that she has 9 toes! Conner Allison is a bioengineering major from Covington, LA. Conner went to high school in western NC, where he developed a love for serving the community and for the outdoors. Elise Duhon is a biology major from Lafayette, LA. She enjoys making jewelry in her spare time. Alie Shiell is a native of Montreal, Canada, majoring in French and biology, and she is fluent in French. Hunter Lambert is a classical violinist and vocalist from Crowley, LA, majoring in biochemistry. Tabitha Kearns is a biology major from Thibodaux, LA, and she has been to seven countries, taking pleasure in finding the hidden wonders that aren't the typical tourist spots. She says that Adelboden, Switzerland is a must-see. Sadie Thompson is a biology major, who'd like to give a tip in lieu of a fun fact, ""Remember to breath while you're skydiving, but breath through your nose!""

Completing an application to start a new Camp Kesem Chapter takes a TON of work. Why is this important to you?

Sadie says, ""Camp Kesem holds a special place in my heart as my family has felt the devastating impact of cancer. No child should be alone in what they think or feel after having a parent fighting such a battle. Kesem provides relief and an escape for those children, giving them the opportunity to meet other children with similar experiences, and establishing a peer-level support system."" Joe says, ""The children Kesem affects are a regrettably underserved group of people. When I heard about Kesem and the love, support, and friendship it gives to these children nationwide, I felt compelled to bring that impact to Louisiana. I would be honored to serve them, and it makes any effort along the way worth it."" William says, ""Camp Kesem offers a respite for kids during an often painful experience in life. For me, it is important that they know they are never alone in these times. Despite all of the fear for the future or pain of the past, there is hope, and a chance for new growth with others who have had similar experiences."" Julia says, ""When I first heard about Camp Kesem, I was amazed because I didn’t think anything like it existed. Having a parent struggle with cancer is something I’ve watched my little cousins go through, and I know how it tough it can be to feel alone even in a world with millions of people."" Hunter says, ""Camp Kesem creates a supportive network for children whose parents are afflicted with cancer. Having many family members suffer from this disease, it means a lot to me to be a part of such an inspiring and wonderful organization. The children truly are the vulnerable groups, and having an impact on their lives means so much to me."" Tabitha says, ""Kesem provides an outlet to these children's suffering and heartache, while giving them lifelong friendships with other children who can truly say, 'I understand how you are feeling,' which is so valuable in the grieving and healing process when faced with parental cancer.""

Where is your school located?

Baton Rouge, LA

So what's the best thing about going to your school?

The best part about going to LSU is that you are surrounded by proud, enthusiastic students who love to serve their community.

By the way, how many undergrads go to your school? (And what's the one word you would use to describe the Culture/Spirit of your school?)

24,089 (Famille: Cajun-French for family that gives culture and spirit).

The word "Kesem" means a lot to the thousands of campers, parents and student leaders who have come to know our mission. What does it mean to you?

Kesem means a caring friend to help you through a difficult chapter of your life. Kesem means safety, and a freedom to express yourself. Kesem means a week packed with enough incredible, fun memories to last you a lifetime (or, at least until next summer). At LSU, Kesem means an opportunity to extend these experiences to Louisiana's future campers, and to build enduring relationships with them for years to come.

There's a lot of great students (including you!) who are hoping to start a new Camp Kesem chapter. We wish we could accept each and every one of you! So here's your chance to tell the public why you should start a new chapter!:

LSU prides itself in its sense of “famille,” (see above). Just last year, we raised $217,000 for the new children’s hospital in Baton Rouge, compelled by our urge to serve our neighbors. When people enter our famille, they matter to us. We’re ready to welcome Kesem with open arms to Louisiana, and our student body will supply Kesem with a diverse group of caring student leaders for years to come.